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As an Artist, Amber is deeply passionate about creating new ways for the operatic voice to be heard. In her numerous collaborations with artists from different mediums, Amber seeks to create contemporary contexts for audiences to experience the beauty of bel canto singing. 

Laxlan Petras and Amber Fasquelle

Berlin-based artists Laxlan Petras and Amber Fasquelle

collaborate and look at both mundane and transcendental forms of human coexistence.

Petras’ work is rooted in his biography and his practice embraces an array of media that provide space for intimacy, desire and identity.


Duo Suran Fasquelle

Scandinavian pianist Lana Suran and Amber Fasquelle have paired as Lied duo Partners with an interest in non-traditional performance means, female composers, and lesser known works.

As duo partners they were invited to compete in the 2023 Copenhagen Lied Duo Competition.



Once We Were Islands

 ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS is a Queer Art Collective founded by Chris Gylee and Aslan who's practice is multidisciplinary with a strong emphasis on writing and live performance and involves elements of publication, installation, and curation.
Amber worked with ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS on their projects 12 Months a Year, and Homecoming
 exploring, and partaking in mediums such as film, and song writing. 



Dead Mermaids

Cellist Cicely Parnas and Amber Fasquelle joined forces in 2023 to present Dead Mermaids. 

Dead Mermaids is a classical, conceptual duo seeking new forms of theatrical engagement by merging repertoire from the classical world and other genres through experimental physical and auditory means. 


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